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Privacy on the internet isn’t something to automatically worry about – it’s something to think about.

As with privacy in your offline life, you decide what you want to keep secret, and who you want to keep it secret from. These are decisions driven by your own morals — what you feel is the right thing to do, and right for you.

These are personal choices that are in your control, and the links in this list will guide you through them:

What you show: the people, events, topics, and opinions you share online
Who you show it to: the family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers you share with
How you show it: the name and identity you share under
Where you show it: the different apps and sites you share on
When you show it: the changes in your life that affect what you share

After you’ve made these choices, you can use settings on websites and apps to apply them to what you show and share.

This is a clear guide to checking your social media settings on six major platforms, from the Center for Identity at the University of Texas.

Sometimes, privacy breaches are in the news. Find out more about what they are.

Alternatively, find out about Security.