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How do I share a photo?

URLs are often long and complicated, like the example above — but sharing them is simple. Two of the easiest ways are manually and with share buttons.


You can send a URL directly in an email, through a messaging service (e.g. iMessage or Skype), or by posting it on a social media site. A URL sent this way is often referred to as a link.

To share a URL as a link, copy it in full from the address bar and paste it straight into the email, message, or website.

Anyone receiving or seeing the link will be able to click on it and go directly to that webpage.

Using a share button

Share buttons appear on a lot of webpages to give users a shortcut to sharing their link on other websites.

It typically looks like a small, open triangle on its side, with three dots on its points:

The 'share' button on BBC Weather Watchers

Clicking a share button will usually give you a list of places you could share your post or picture. You'll need an account with each of these sites if you want to post there.

The popup that appears when the share button is clicked

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